Friday, June 30, 2006
By Steven L. Taylor

I came across this doing some research for a project I am working on (via Poland – Elections 2005 – Press Centre).

The following are official “electoral mottos” from the 2005 presidential elections.

First, there’s Janusz Korwin-Mikke, candidate of the Union of Real Politics (Unia Polityki Realnej) (who won a whopping 1.43% of the vote): “I am fed up just like you are!

Second, my personal favorite, that one would like to think loses something in the translation is from Stanisław Tymiński, an independent who won a towering 0.16% of the vote: “Let Poland be our mother and not a cruel step-mother.


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2 Responses to “Polish Campaign Slogans”

  1. beatroot Says:

    There is a strange one on billboards in Warsaw at the moment –

    PSL = normalnie

    Meaning ‘Polish Peasants Party equals normality.

    What this means I don’t know. I ask people, they don;t know either. They must be refering to the ruling coalition made up of PiS, Samoobrona and LPR…a bunch of uber-conservatives and ex-Stalinists.

  2. Dominik Kaczmarek Says:

    by ‘PSL = normalnie’, the meaning is Polish is that PSL party offers stability, predictability for your life and the country. It is based on assumption that today the situation in the country is not normal, that is it is sort of crazy…

    Warsaw, Poland.

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