Friday, June 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC comes the follwing: Hasselhoff in chandelier accident

US actor David Hasselhoff has been treated in hospital after being hurt in a chandelier accident.

While I find no humor in injury (and it seems his arm was cut up pretty badly, including a severed tendon), one has to admit that the headling is funny.

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One Response to “Hasselhoff in Chandelier Accident”

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    1. Matthew Shugart Says:

      Indeed, and one has to wonder what he was doing with said chandelier.

      The linked story is not all that enlightening (pun absolutely not intended). It says he hit his head on it, which then makes me wonder how he cut his arm.

      I think the lesson is clear: Don’t use the men’s room in the sort of place where the bathrooms have chandeliers.

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