Sunday, July 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

In noting the continued rocket attacks on northern Israel, Scott Lemieux at LGM hits the nail on the head:

Again, before we even start thinking about abstract questions of justice and morality it needs to be acknowledged that the policy isn’t working.

(Emphasis his).

This the point from which I was working earlier today as I took to the next step and asked, basically: how can the killing of civilians be justified when the policy isn’t even working?

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2 Responses to “Exactly”

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    1. Kingdaddy Says:

      I vehemently agree. (Click here for my discussion of why.)

    2. Pros and Cons Says:

      The threat in Israel’s so far limited and measured reaction to Hizb’Allah

      While the early string of intelligence failures in Israel’s invasion of Lebanon show that there was wisdom in not moveing at break-neck speed to the Litani River because of then likelihood of unpleasant surprises, there is significant worry too….

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