Wednesday, August 30, 2006
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the Austin American-Statesman: Perry calls special election for DeLay’s unexpired term

Republican Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday called a Nov. 7 special election to temporarily fill the seat left vacant when former U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay resigned.DeLay

DeLay, a Republican whose term would have expired in January, resigned in June. The winner of the special election will fill the Houston-area seat until January. Anyone can still file for candidacy in the special election, which happens the same day as the genelection.While

While the people of the 22nd District deserve representation, one has to wonder if this is necessary given that we are talking about a period of time that traditionally is devoid of legislative business. They have been without representation for months as it is, raising the basic question of whether two more months will really make that much difference.
At a minimum this is just more of the mess that DeLay has wrought by trying to hold onto this seat in the midst of all his personal troubles. It would have been better for his party, his district and his state had he foregone his re-nomination bid in the fplace.More.

More here from the Houston Chronicle, which discusses the seniority implications of the special v. the general election:

If the same person wins the special election as the general election, it will give that person a leg-up in seniority over other incoming members of Congress.

If Democratic former U.S. Rep. Lampson wins the seat, it will be up to the U.S. House leadership as to whether he regains his seniority from his previous service.

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One Response to “More of DeLay’s Mess in TX22”

  1. Matthew Shugart Says:

    I assume the whole point of this unnecessary “special” election (that really isn’t because it is concurrent with the general) is to enhance the new Republican write-in candidate’s chances. Write-ins are notoriously difficult, but if the same guy’s name is printed on the ballot nearby, it’s an instant memory jog for the voter.

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