Saturday, October 7, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

But it isn’t poetry in motion.

Exhibit A of what I termed earlier in the day one of the “deadly sins of partisanship” (#1, in fact): an audio clip of James Dobson buying the prank hypothesis regarding Foley.

I again wonder out loud how one goads a member of the Congress of the United States into internet sex and where one gets the idea that he would have been interested in the first place.

And it is truly remarkable that Dobson clearly places his partisan alliance above what is supposed to the be the focus of his life’s work.

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3 Responses to “He Blinded Me with Partisanship”

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    1. Beyond imagination | Random Fate Says:

      [...] So, now we have a supposed “reverend” of a Christian denomination trying to assert that Congressman Foley was “tricked” into engaging in the inappropriate communication with young men. [...]

    2. Ratoe Says:

      an audio clip of James Dobson buying the prank hypothesis regarding Foley.

      I wouldn’t characterize it as Dobson “buying” the hypothesis–that implies that he is somehow unsuspectingly outwitted.

      Rather, he is deliberately floating a charge that is part of a concerted effort amongst Republican leaders to downplay Congressional leaderships’ role in covering up Foley’s transgressions.

      Dobson is clearly reasserting talking points to obscure responsibility–he is not being duped.

    3. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      Wel,, “buying” in the sense that he is proffering it as a possible explanation. It came across to me that he is using the hypothesis as a means by which to diminish, or even dismiss the whole affair.

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