Sunday, December 31, 2006
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Reuters: Edwards terms Iraq surge “McCain doctrine”

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards, targeting a potential Republican rival in 2008, dubbed plans for a short-term U.S. troop increase in Iraq “the McCain doctrine,” in an interview aired on Sunday.

In some ways, I suppose that is a fair characterization, although I am not certain that the current “surge” proposal is exactly what McCain has been calling for.

At any rate, I find the whole thing amusing, as it is clearly a PR stunt by Edwards by attacking a more prominent pre-candidate on the other side to raise his own profile much the way a small dog will yip at a bigger one.

Because, really, the object of attack ought to be Bush in this case, as he is the driving force behind the “surge” notion.

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4 Responses to “Edwards Nips at McCain’s Heels”

  1. The Misanthrope Says:

    From a PR stand, you always want to compare yourself to number one, so you can look like number two. Bush is not number one anywhere.

  2. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

    True. It is just that some actions look more obvious than others, I guess.

  3. Barry Says:

    Or Edwards is simply making sure that this move has McCain’s name on it, to prevent some historical revision later on, when it fails.

    For some examples, see ‘stay the course’, ‘mission accomplished’.

  4. Ratoe Says:

    Because, really, the object of attack ought to be Bush in this case, as he is the driving force behind the “surge” notion.

    Bush hasn’t really said anything other than what he declared last week: “I’ve got more consultation to do until I talk to the country about the plan.”

    McCain, on the other hand, has been the most vocal and high-profile proponent of escalating US troop presence in Iraq.

    Thus, I am not sure why it is “clearly a PR stunt by Edwards.” Yes, McCain is probably running for president, but since McCain has staked his candidacy on escalating the conflict, it doesn’t seem disingenous to label escalation as McCain’s “doctrine.”

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