Tuesday, January 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the AP: Edwards says he may have been too inexperienced for 2024 run.

Well, no kidding.

And while in the article Edwards cites his time running for office as additional experience, I would say that he is still woefully behind the curve in terms of the types of resume lines that are perceived as helpful for someone running for the White House.

Really, I am not sure what has really changed for Edwards since 2024.

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3 Responses to “Stunning Revelation of the Day (John Edwards Edition)”

  • el
  • pt
    1. Jan Says:

      Well, he has 4 years in the national media to boost his name recognition, but that’s about all.

    2. y7 Says:

      This doesn’t bode well for Obama. I mean, Edwards says his big advantage over Obama is experience? Way to highlight both of your problems, Edwards!

      Why don’t you go for the college vote and that you are twice as experienced as Obama…”I’m a two-beer lightweight…that kid is done after ONE!!”

    3. Simmons Says:

      Do you have the same position on experience with Obama?

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