Sunday, November 25, 2007
By Steven L. Taylor

Every time I see Thompson (like this morning on Fox News Sunday) he always looks basically bored and semi-disinterested. It’s like right before he goes on TV he sighs deeply and says “OK, let’s take about this stuff again.” His posture is odd, too as he seems to always be slightly slumping. Further, he rarely smiles–indeed, his facial expression is basically static.

He doesn’t look like he wants to be campaigning (not that I blame, him mind you, as I would think that campaigning would be a hideous ordeal).

To me it is as if he is unable to translate the energy he has an actor into an asset during the campaign (unlike other actors-turned-politicians).

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4 Responses to “Thompson’s Demeanor”

  1. African American Political Pundit Says:

    The bottom line is Thompson is a lazy, trifullin and shiffless Republican.

  2. Mary Borowitz Says:

    The energy he has as an actor?

    I’ve never seen a role that Thompson has played in which he exhibited this dynamism you speak of. Perhaps you are thinking of another actor?

  3. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:


    I just mean in a relative sense.

    He’s not bouncing around the screen, I will grant, but in interviews he appears ready for a nap.

  4. PoliBlog ™: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts » It’s Not Just Me (Fred Thomspon Edition) Says:

    [...] On Sunday I commented on Fred Thompson’s general demeanor in interviews, in which I said, amongst other things, “[h]e doesn’t look like he wants to be campaigning.” [...]

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