Wednesday, December 5, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Wonders K-Lo at The Corner

My question is: Do we really have to stake out presidential candidates homes? It’s a wonder anyone decent runs for office.

Really, did she type this with a straight face? If it were Hillary who had illegals mowing the grass, meguesses that the NRO folks would be all over it. Further, if a candidate is running on the notion that he will clean up illegal immigration, it is hardly out of bounds to note that he has been employing illegals himself.

All of this is especially problematic if one reads what Lopez has said about immigration in the recent past. If she is concerned, as she claims, about border security (and all those terrorists coming across the Sonoran Desert to mow lawns and clean McDonalds’ bathrooms) and is against amnesty and all that, surely pointing out that a key anti-immigration politician has a history of employing illegals is wholly fair.

But, like I said earlier this morning, it is unclear that even those who are “serious” about the immigration debate, are not especially serious and really don’t understand what they are arguing for and about.

h/t: John Cole.

Update: One of John’s readers notes that Michelle Malkin is upset as well.

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3 Responses to “Speaking of Romney and his Illegal Gardeners”

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    1. Balloon Juice Says:

      [...] Good. I am not the only one. [...]

    2. Barry Says:

      I’ll be that Michelle has taken to her fainting couch, at the uncouthness of it all!

    3. jamey Says:

      [gop] Lopez? Fine Anglo-Saxon-sounding name.

      Can she prove that she’s here legally? [/gop]

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