Thursday, December 20, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

From the Guerrilla News Network: Colombia rebels ‘to free hostages’

Three terrorists held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), for crimes against the people of Columbia, will be released to the President of the Rep├║blica Bolivariana de Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

Ok, first off: it’s ColOmbia. I mean, gee whiz.

Second, this may be one of the most ridiculous pieces of slanted coverage I have ever read, as one of the alleged “terrorists” is a small child1. Now, as the father of three boys, I understand that children can terrorize from time to time, but please.

Even in the context of a revolutionary ideology, I suppose I could understand (although disagree with) labeling former Congresswoman Consuelo Gonzalez2 as a “terrorist” (although it is a quite a stretch), but the notion that Clara Rojas (mother of the child noted above), who was an aide to center-left Senator Ingrid Betancourt (still in capativity)3 is a “terrorist” is rather absurd.

  1. Not to mention that the father of the child is reportedly a member of the FARC–making him at least half “Glorious Revolutionary and Guardian of the People,” surely []
  2. Gonzalez was a member of the House from the PL and was last elected in 1998. From a Revolutionary POV, I can understand why one would call such a person a “terrorist” []
  3. Betancourt was running for President when she was kidnapped. She had been a member of the House from the PL, but broke from the party and ran under the label “Liberal Oxigen” in 1998 for the Senate as a Green/center-left candidate and won one of the largest vote totals in the country (Colombian Senate elections are nation-wdie []
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