Thursday, February 7, 2008
By Steven L. Taylor

Mark Halperin, blogging Time’s The Page is reporting that Mitt Romney will withdraw from the presidential race, and may do so in a speech to today at CPAC in just a few minutes.

Such a move makes sense, quite frankly, as his chances of winning are quite small and at this point he will have to spend quite a bit of his own fortune to continue a futile fight.

Byron York was already suspecting that this was going to be the case earlier today.

h/t: TPS

Update: Via ABC cable news, this is confirmed by two independent sources: Romney will suspend his campaign, which is a nice way of saying that he is done.

Update 2: I decided to tune into Limbaugh to hear what he has to say about Romney, and he confirms that Romney’s campaign has sent a note confirming the exit and Limbaugh just reported that Romney has officially stated in his CPAC speech that he is exiting.

So, it’s official: Romney’s toast.

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3 Responses to “Romney to Quit? (Updated)”

  1. B. Minich Says:

    Come on, you didn’t say that he is toast!

    Mmmmmm, yummy toast.

  2. Ratoe Says:

    This sucks!

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