Friday, February 29, 2023
By Steven L. Taylor

I was unaware that the Portuguese word “lula” meant “squid.”

This is, of course, relevant as it is the nickname of the current president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (and indeed, since 1982, legally part of his name).

I never was aware of the meaning of the nickname, but now I am and I thought I’d share, whether you wanted me to or not.1

  1. Which is the Blogger’s Creed, I think. []
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2 Responses to “A Bit o’ Trivia”

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    1. Brasileiro Says:

      Actually, it is only a coincidence. Lula is a reasonably common nickname for Luís (or, as it is commonly misspelled in Brazil, Luiz – that is, Louis).

    2. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      I knew that it was a nickname based on Luiz, I just had no idea that it was a word that meant anything, even by coincidence.

      Thanks for the note.

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