Tuesday, April 29, 2008
By Steven L. Taylor

Warning: reading this post (or, perhaps, just the footnote) can have deleterious effects.1

Via the BBC: Spain rejects Peron extradition

A court in Spain has rejected a request from Buenos Aires to extradite former Argentine President Isabel Peron who is wanted for alleged human rights abuses.

The National Court in Madrid ruled that the charges did not constitute crimes against humanity and that therefore the statute of limitations had expired.

Ms Peron, 77, is wanted over alleged links to right-wing paramilitaries who operated during her 1974-1976 rule.

Given the sham that was her presidency, it is not outside the realm of possibility that she was not directly responsible or knowledgeable of the issues in question. On the other hand, she was the president during the period in question.

If anything, the presidency of Isabel Peron underscores a dictum that all citizens should follow: never re-elect an aging dictator who, while in exile, married a cabaret dancer whom he might make Vice President. It just never ends well.2

  1. I find that any story about the Perons leads to Don’t Cry for me, Argentina getting stuck in my head for hours. And while this story isn’t about Eva, the song effect is nonetheless in force. []
  2. Really, re-electing the guy from exile isn’t such a hot idea to begin with, cabaret-dancing third wife or no. []
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