Wednesday, April 30, 2023
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC: Police ‘kill Colombian drug lord’

Colombian police say they have killed one of the country’s most notorious criminals and drug lords.

Media reports say the dead man is Victor Manuel Mejia Munera, although officials earlier said it was his brother, Miguel Angel.


The brothers were not only prominent drugs traffickers, but also led part of the new generation of paramilitary groups that sprang up after the demobilisation of the illegal United Self Defence Forces of Colombia, the AUC.

Indeed, the linkage to the AUC is more significant than the drug trafficking, per se, given that the narco-linked paramilitary groups have been more a more corrupting and violent influence in Colombia than any other group in the last two decades.

In terms of two dead cocaine traffickers, the honest truth is that they will be easily replaced.

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One Response to “Two Colombian Drug Kingpins Killed”

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    1. Marissa Says:

      No doubt they’ll be replaced. They were probably even replaced before the news broke, unfortunately.

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