Thursday, May 15, 2008
By Steven L. Taylor

I have always been skeptical of the notion that Al Gore would emerge from his trophy room to broker a deal between Obama and Clinton over the nomination. However, he does still have the power to influence the outcome, as Bloomberg rightly notes: Edwards’s Endorsement of Obama Starts Clock on `Al Gore Watch’

John Edwards’s endorsement yesterday of Barack Obama leaves former Vice President Al Gore as the major Democratic figure still on the sidelines in the party’s presidential race.


Gore, who is one of the party’s superdelegates, has indicated he won’t give his endorsement until the primary contest is finished. His spokeswoman, Kalee Kreider, said
yesterday that Gore had no further comment.

I would argue that the main significance of the Edwards’ endorsement is that it fuels the perception that Obama has won, regardless of what Clinton says or is doing. (And, of course, he is a superdelegate and his pledged delegates are now released to vote as they choose, and we would assume that they would mostly align with Obama).

Along the same lines, an endorsement by Gore would pile onto the notion that Clinton has lost and that there is no miracle that will salvage the nomination for her.

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4 Responses to “The “Al Gore Watch””

  1. hazmaq Says:

    No one who knows and believes in Gore could possibly think he would make any efforts to help the Clinton’s now. Nor would he – after Florida – do anything to interefere with a legal Democrat process, regardless of the ‘unpleasantness’ that may result.

    Neither has anyone noticed or dared to comment on the very telling new Gore logo put just a few months ago by Gore’s climate alliance group.

    Its’ a big round green circle – proportional to Obama’s circular logo – with one simple word “WE” in “Yes WE can…??

  2. John Says:


    FDR calls on all voters, nationwide, to stand with us. We need to get our votes counted and delegates seated based on the outcome of our votes.

    Please sign and mail in our petition. Help us reach our goal to deliver 1.5 million petitions to the DNC in June:

    (Required fields are just name, signature, city, state. You do NOT have to be a Forida resident to sign)

    Please print extra petitions for your friends.

    Copy this post onto onto as many web sites as you can.

    SUPER DELEGATES: We are watching. If our votes don’t count, why should YOURS?

  3. Sam Says:

    Uhh…I think its the VOTERS who make the decisions by their vote, when did an endorsement take the place of the vote?

  4. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:


    I don’t think anyone was suggesting otherwise.

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