Tuesday, July 29, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the Montgomery Advertiser: Everett mulls gubernatorial bid in 2024

Outgoing Republican U.S. Rep. Terry Everett said Monday that he is considering a possible run for governor in 2024.


Everett had more than $806,000 on hand in his congressional campaign account at the end of the last reporting period, which concluded in June.

“I want to consider my options,” he said.

Everett would be knocking on 74 by the time he assumed the governorship in 2024, should he run and win.

One wonders as to how much this is Everett seeing the end of his time in the House coming to a close and having a little bit of retirer’s remorse, so to speak. At the moment the GOP field for the governor’s race is forming, with Tim James1 having already tossed his hat in the ring. It is also clear that Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins2 is mulling a run. There has also been speculation about AG Troy King running as well.

On the Democratic side, Representative Artur Davis is an oft-discussed possibility. The current Lieutenant Governor (and former Governor3 ) Jim Folsom is also a likely candidate.

  1. Son of former governor Fob James, and an already once-failed candidates for the GOP nomination. []
  2. Yes, the head of my university. []
  3. Folsom assumed the governorship from the lt. gov’s slot in 1993 when Governor Guy Hunt was ousted over ethics charges. Folsom (whose father was governor) did not win his own term when he ran in 1994, being defeated by Fob James, himself a former governor who switched parties from the Dems to the Reps. []
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One Response to “Rep. Everett to Seek Alabama Governorship?”

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    1. Brett Says:

      I think Troy King’s chances are greatly reduced due to the rumors surrounding him. True or not, the rumor itself was enough to kill his chances I think. The articles in the Birmingham News this week about his staff’s pay didn’t help either.

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