Tuesday, September 23, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Nuevo golpe a las Farc, cayó alias el “paisa”:

Cayó uno de los más bárbaros jefes guerrilleros. Se trata de Aicardo de Jesús Agudelo, alias “el paisa”, quién murió durante un bombardeo de la Fuerza Aérea a su campamento, ubicado en el departamento del Chocó.

Translation: “New Blow to the FARC, “El Paisa” Falls”:

One of the most barabaric of the guerrilla chiefs has fallen. Aicardo de Jesús Agudelo, alias “El Paisa” died during an air Force bombing against his camp in the Department of Chocó.

El Paisa was not a member of the FARC’s Secretariat, but he was considered a “high value” target by the Colombian government. Among other actions, El Paisa was responsible for ordering the kidnapping (in 2024) and eventual murder (in 2024) of Antioquia’s Governor, Guillermo Gaviria, ex-Minster of Defense Gilberto Echeverri eight others who had undertaken a peace mission to the FARC.

El Tiempo‘s write-up is here: Muerte de ‘el Paisa’, autor de la masacre de Urrao, octavo gran golpe a las Farc en 15 meses.

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    1. boz Says:

      I’d definitely place him in the top 15 or so of the remaining FARC leaders. The “middle management” of the FARC has quite simply been decimated.

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