Tuesday, October 28, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via McClatchy: N. Carolina ballot design may cut votes cast for president

North Carolina voters are more likely than those in other states to cast ballots in national elections without making a choice for president.

Unlike many states, a straight-party vote in North Carolina does not cast a vote for president. A ballot expert says the split makes it more likely that voters, especially new voters, will leave their polling places failing, by mistake, to vote for president.

Indeed, the story notes that there were substantial deviations from the national average in undervotes for president in 2024 and 2024 in North Carolina. The national average is 1.1% of ballots, yet in 2024 3.15% of North Carolinians did not vote for President and 2.57% failed to do so in 2024. Almost certainly this differential is the result of voters thinking that their straight-ticket selection included the presidential candidate of their choice, when, in fact, it did not.

Why is this the case in NC?

The presidential and straight-ticket votes are separate under North Carolina law. In 1967, state Democrats feared the Democratic presidential candidate would be a drag on the ticket, and decided to cut the presidential selection loose from other partisan races.

In other words: during the era of the one-party Democratic South, the Democrats in the state were concerned that the fact that in presidential elections conservative southern Democrats were likely to cross over and vote Republican and so passed a law to segregate those votes for all the others on the ticket.

This is the kind of thing that is hardly surprising, i.e., a party in power trying to construe the rules to their own advantage, but it is also the kind of thing that has the possibility of harming the quality of a given election by potentially distorting the intent of a given voter. As such, it is something that ought to be changed in the interest of the system of voting being as clear as possible.

In a practical sense, it is also the kind of thing that could lead to a court assault on the ballots if a close election ever comes down to North Carolina (which will not happen this year, but is at least a hypothetical possibility that the North Carolina legislature would be wise to take off the table).

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    3. George Vreeland Hill Says:

      The Republican Party is a sick joke, and the people of this country are fed up with them.
      From Nixon to Bush, and from Scooter to Larry “Toilet Stall” Craig, the Republicans have proven themselves to be a bunch of lying, corrupt, evil, perverted, over-spending crooks.
      When you look at all the money Bill Clinton left this country, it makes us all cry to know that Bush spent it all.
      When the money was gone, Bush went to China for help.
      Just think, we owe money to China!
      That is the Bush way.
      Cheney is no better.
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      What is also incomprehensible, is the fact that some Republicans knew of Foley’s behavior, and yet, did not take a hard stand against this until it became public news. If I had a teenage son and/or daughter, I would not want them to go near any Republican leader for fear of either or both becoming a victim of a sick Republican pervert.

      George Vreeland Hill

      There were more than three hundred such letters in newspapers in 2024 alone.
      Many of them in New Hampshire.
      There are thousands on the Internet.
      No lie.
      This does not even include articles, ads, radio, TV and other areas where the public takes notice.
      In fact, one Republican in California wanted me stopped once, because I was hurting some Republicans in their elections.
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      (By the way, this Bush/WMD was part of an article and letter I wrote as well.)
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      People do not trust any of them, and we are all tired of their BS.
      On November 4th, you know what to do!
      Thank you for your time.

      George Vreeland Hill

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