Tuesday, December 30, 2023
By Steven L. Taylor


The Chicago Tribune’s blog The Swamp notes a potential complication with the appointment:

The Illinois secretary of state, Jesse White, says he will not certify the governor’s appointment. So, if it is not duly certified, there really is no appointment.

This partially answers a question asked here.

And, can there be any less desired endorsement, and more hollow-sounding imprimatur than the following?

“Please don’t allow the allegations against me to taint this good and honest man,” Blagojevich said while introducing Burris at a downtown news conference. (Source)

If one listens to the press conference, it is amazing to listen to Blagojevich act as if he had not choice be to make and appointment. It is also remarkable to listen to him continue to try to assure everyone of how great and appointee Burris is. Granted, this may well be the case, but when looking for character witnesses concerning political integrity, Blago isn’t exactly where one would want to turn.

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5 Responses to “Burris Appointment Video”

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    1. King Politics Says:

      While I’m certainly not defending Blagojevich, the people of Illinois will at least get a temporary senator. Of course, Senate Dems won’t seat him, but still, I’d rather have a tainted senator than only one.

    2. Ratoe Says:

      I don;t know if it is in the video that is linked in the post, but the most insane part of the news conference was when Bobby Rush had to step in to save the day.

      Burris was so unprepared for pretty obvious questions it was amazing. If you need Bobby Rush to save your behind, it doesn’t speak well about your capacities to be senator. And Rush’s “race card” ploy was really pathetic.

      Rush’s presence should also further discredit the whole “blago-Obama” connection that some folks are making. Rush hates Obama–ever since Barack ran against him for Congress.

    3. Buckland Says:

      Of course, Senate Dems won’t seat him, but still, I’d rather have a tainted senator than only one.

      I disagree with that. In the end, the Democrats will reach out and welcome him into the caucus.

      You gotta give it to Blago, selecting a non controversial veteran like Burris was good — having Bobby Rush there to endorse him was a master stroke. It essentially frames the question as “Do you believe in civil rights, or will you be disrespectful to the only Black US Senator?” There’s only one answer to that — “Welcome to Washington, Senator Burris.”

      The IL machinery tried to get that pick from Blago, but he wrong footed them. The entire group can make threats, but to no avail. Blago will probably eventually end up impeached or indicted (possibly both), but this was his equivalent of the 1 finger salute to the Chicago machine.

      My respect for Blago increased substantially with this pick (from an admittedly low level).

    4. Don Says:

      I think it’s sad for the citizens of any state to be saddled with a governor who, from his actions, seems to be someone who should be certified as insane. Thank goodness that in this case it’s Illinois and not my own state……..although I do wonder about my governor at times.

    5. Ratoe Says:

      having Bobby Rush there to endorse him was a master stroke.

      This wasn’t a “master stroke”–it was foolish.

      Bobby Rush is a laughingstock. To say that it is a “greater outrage” that there are no African American senators and, hence, people should embrace the appointment means nothing coming from this guy.

      In the 2023 Democratic Senate primary, Rush endorsed white millionaire Blair Hull who was facing two Black candidates (including Obama).

      The fact that Larry King didn’t call Rush on his inconsistency last night is unconscionable.

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