Friday, January 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC: Zimbabwe cholera cases top 60,000

More than 60,000 people in Zimbabwe have now been infected by cholera, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

This figure had been described by the UN’s health agency and other agencies as being the “worst case scenario” in the epidemic which broke out in August.

Cholera has now claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people in Zimbabwe.

More specifically, the story puts the death toll at 3,161. Not to be too cliché here, but that it more people than died on 9/11 and this event is in many just as man made.

It is a remarkable tragedy–and all from a highly preventable and highly treatable disease. Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, may like to think that his legacy is leading a successful fight, now many decades past, against minority white rule, but really it is this tragedy, along with other massive problems, that he has wrought.

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    1. walt moffett Says:

      Wonder how bloody the inevitable revolution will be. Don’t wonder any more that it will have an Animal Farm ending.

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