Monday, May 25, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

According to El Tiempo (Doce jefes de las Farc se esconden en el exterior; solo tres del Secretariado estarĂ­an en Colombia) twelve of the FARC’s leaders are currently residing outside of Colombia, with only three members of the controlling Secretariat, El Mono Jojoy, Mauricio and Alfonso Cano still in country. This information is based on intercepts, captured letters and the testimony of deserters.

Exactly what this all means is open to debate. it could mean that the heat is sufficiently in leadership that they feel as though they have no choice bu tot abandon the field and seek refuge outside of Colombia. Certainly the recent killings of several members of the Secretariat would give other members pause. On the other hand, it may simply be easier to meet and plan abroad for the time being, It would hardly be the first time that leadership of an insurgent group in Colombia left the country for a time,

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