Friday, July 31, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

“As for Obama’s selection of Bud Light, this has to rank as one of his worst decisions since taking office, somewhere between the stimulus package and the auto industry bailout. Regular Budweiser is bad enough. When you have a beer that already tastes like water, why would you add more water to it? And the less said about Biden and his Buckler, the better.”–Jacob Sullum

Indeed(and emphasis mine).

h/t: Chris Lawrence via Facebook.

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5 Responses to “Line of the Day 2: Beer Summit Edition”

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    1. Leonard Says:

      Yeah, pretty much anything from Anheuser-Busch is boring. I’ll take Samuel Adams over that swill any day of the week; Summer Ale is available, for Pete’s sake! Price is clearly no object for the White House, so why on Earth would he pick Bud Light?

    2. Janis Gore Says:

      From what I gather, he’s not a beer drinker.

      He and his wife prefer martinis and wine.

      Which is all okay. If you don’t drink beer usually, why not drink one of the most commonly ordered beers in the US?

    3. Alabama Moderate Says:

      I have to admit… Until a few years ago, and after a brief conversation with Dan Roberts, I was not a big fan of beer. Most of this had to do with the fact that all I’d tried were these watered-down domestic brews, and I thought that was how beer was supposed to taste.

      If I have a beer, it is one I’ll sit down and enjoy. I don’t even COOK with anything less than a decent Guiness or Sam Adams brew.

      The only explanation I can muster, since I know he has semi-decent culinary taste, is that drinking a gourmet brew would have maybe opened him up to more “elitist” ridicule from the right.

    4. Janis Gore Says:

      Many years ago, and we’re talking 30, there was a bar-restaurant at the intersection, I think, of McKinney and Lemmon Avenue. They had a roster of about 50 beers.

      I drank Czech beers and Belgian beers, German beers and English beers.

      In other restaurants, I’ve drunk Stella and Gold Star, Shiners.

      Today, if I had to pick a beer, it would be Negra Modelo. Simply because the people who served it in that tiny restaurant were so kind.

      I like a dirty gin martini with anchovy-stuffed olives. RIP Miss Dottie.

    5. Janis Gore Says:

      Dallas. That was Dallas, TX.

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