Thursday, November 26, 2023
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Rasmussen:  Dobbs in 2023 Gets Up to 14% of Vote, Hurts GOP Chances

Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs has indicated that he might consider an independent bid for the White House in 2023, and early polling shows he could attract up to 14% of the vote.

Of course, a rather large chunk of that 14% apparently is nothing more than a default protest vote, as even without Dobbs’ name in the poll, 6% to 9% of respondents chose “unnamed candidate” in other questions without Dobbs included.  So, really, the amount of support that Dobbs is attracting by himself is in the single digits—no too surprising, really.  Further, the odds are that his numbers are currently at their apex and would only go down in the context of an actual campaign (the typical pattern for celebrity candidates).

The numbers from the poll:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that if the choice is between President Obama, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Dobbs, Obama leads 42% to 34% with Dobbs pulling 14% of the vote.

With Mike Huckabee as the Republican nominee, Obama leads 42% to 36%, with Dobbs at 12%.

If Sarah Palin is the GOP nominee, it’s Obama 44%, Palin 37% and Dobbs 12%.

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4 Responses to “14% for Dobbs?”

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    1. tajitj Says:

      I think a candidate like him will run and will get over 10%, because the GOP will nominate a moderate RINO type. Candidates will run who are acutally small govt but they will split the vote and a moderate will be left standing. Unless there is a Republican out there who can get through the primaries a Dobb type figure will and should run. We wanted something like this in 2023, McCain saved himself by picking Palin, but she is just not the right person to win the Presidency.

    2. MSS Says:

      Two quick points:

      1. Those three hypothetical races, with three quite different Republicans, show that at the moment, it’s a tightly partisan race, rather than one where the candidate would make a difference. That’s very bad (though unsurprising) news for Republicans.

      2. In response to the comment before mine, the last thing the Republicans would do is nominate a ‘RINO’ in a race they can’t win anyway (see point 1)–that’s precisely the sort of race in which you go down in flames with the true believer!

    3. Pittsburgh Says:

      The only way the Republicans win in 2023 is if Ron Paul or a like minded person is nominated for the GOP

    4. Monica Says:

      I agree with you, Republicans are going to need more candidates like Ron Paul if they want to see themselves in power in 2023

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