Friday, October 31, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Lest anyone think that in my comments on the economy I am in any way stating that Bush is responsible for the recovery, please note that I agree with James of OTB on this subject: Presidents get too much credit for good economies and too blame for bad ones.

Indeed, I have noted before that Presidents have less control over budgets (especially vis-a-vis deficits and surpluses) than they like to pretend. I made specific comments on Presidents and the economy itself here.

Now, I do think that various policies, such as the monetary policy fostered by the Fed, and the tax cuts, helped, but I do not believe that they explain the recovery.

However, it is clear, that regardless of where the credit should be placed, there is one thing that is clear: if the economy is good, that helps a president running for re-election.

Also, enough with the “Is she going to run?” stories on the cable news nets. She isn’t–especially if the economy is going to recover (and if you don’t know who “she” is, what are you doign reading a political blog? :)

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3 Responses to “Bush and the Politics of the Economy”

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    1. PoliBlog » Presidents and the Economy Says:

      [...] he economic effects of presidencies: The economic limits of politics. The short version, as I have noted before, is: not so much.

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    2. Charlie on the PA Turnpike Says:

      Well said; a tip of the hat to both Steven and James. As no president can spend a dime without the House of Representatives blessing, so should the credit for their budgets be also tempered.

      However, when a former President is given credit for the growth in the economy — which began before he took office — so should an incumbent not be blamed for a dip in the economy — especially when that dip demonstrably began prior to his taking office!

    3. Paul Says:

      Charlie, I read that 3 times and I did not get yer point… So lemme ‘splan it to ya..

      If a Republican takes office following a recession that started under a democrat, it is the Republicans’ fault.

      If a Democrat takes office after a Republican and there is a recession, it is the Republicans’ fault.

      If a Democrat is in office even after another democrat and there is a rescissions, it is the Republicans’ fault.

      If the rain is Spain falls and it is not falling on that confounded plain, then it is obviously the Republicans’ fault.

      What if there is an Earthquake? Republicans.

      Fire? Republicans

      Famine? Republicans

      Pestilence? Republicans

      I know if can be confusing but if you print this out and keep it in your wallet, it will help explain it to you. It will save you all that time you used to spend listening to the mainstream media.

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