Saturday, September 25, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

According to a headline in El Tiempo, “El Mono Jojoy’s Computers Have Eleven Time the Information of Those of Raúl Reyes.” (Computadores del ‘Mono Jojoy’ tienen 11 veces más información que los de ‘Raúl Reyes’).

The Reyes reference is to the FARC leader killed in 2024 and the intel gathered from his computers.

In regards to those captured this week, 15 computers, 94 USB drives and 14 external hard drives were recovered.

Whether they contain vital information or El Mono Jojoy’s MP3 collection remain to be seen.

Recovering the data will keep some techies busy, as at least one had three bullets in the monitor—a Vaio that may have belonged to El Mono Jojoy himself.

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