Saturday, November 27, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via WaPoColombian ex-police chief charged in killing

Colombian prosecutors issued an arrest warrant Thursday for a 73-year-old former domestic security chief who they say participated in the 1989 assassination of presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan.

Retired Gen. Miguel Maza Marquez has been charged with aggravated homicide for allegedly allying himself with the drug traffickers whose hired guns killed Galan, said German Gomez, spokesman for Colombia’s chief prosecutor.

The DAS domestic security agency that Maza Marquez led provides bodyguards for politicians, human rights activists and others. Prosecutors say the general intentionally lightened Galan’s bodyguard contingent to enable the Aug. 18, 1989 assassination.

This is the second time that Maza has been arrested in connection with the Galán slaying (I noted last year’s arrest here).   According to WaPo, Maza “was freed in April due to procedural errors.”

The WaPo headline is in error (describing Maza as an “ex-police chief”) as the head of the DAS is more like a combined head of the Secret Service, FBI and DHS rolled into one.

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