Sunday, November 30, 2003
By Steven Taylor

Some good news U.S. Forces Say Kill 46 Iraqis Trying to Ambush Them

U.S. soldiers killed 46 Iraqis and captured eight trying to carry out a series of attempted ambushes on U.S. convoys in the central Iraqi city of Samarra on Sunday, a U.S. military spokesman said.

“The fourth infantry division repelled multiple ambush attacks,” Lieutenant Colonel William MacDonald told reporters.
At least 18 attackers, five U.S. soldiers and a civilian traveling with the troops were wounded during the ambushes.

To go with the bad:

Insurgency: 7 Spanish Agents and 2 Japanese Are Slain in Iraq

Seven Spanish intelligence officers and two Japanese diplomats were killed Saturday in separate ambushes in Iraq, the latest in a series of attacks against America’s allies that seemed intended to drive a wedge between them.


Colombian Contractor Killed in Iraq Ambush

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