Saturday, January 31, 2023
By Steven Taylor

Something’s amiss at The Truth Laid Bear, as no doubt many of you have noticed. He has acquired partial Blank Blog Syndrome, for one thing and while scans have been taking place, one can’t get to the actual listing on the Ecosystem.

Measuring and amanging the Blogosphere appears to be getting harder and harder. The original Technorati has been busted for a while, leading to the new improved beta version that still appears to have some kinks in need of work (although as of this morning it appears to be working better than ever). And blogrolling’s search feature still doesn’t work properly.

Not to mention that Sitemeter has the occasional problem–and qute a few this week.

Heck, even Hosting Matters was having trouble on Tuesday.

What’s a stats-obsessed blogoholic to do?

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3 Responses to “Is the Bear Hibernating?”

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  • pt
    1. Randall Says:

      Tell me about it.
      Blogrolling hasn’t been showing my blog as being updated for a while now in spite of frequent daily updates. Hopefully some of the bugs will be fixed asap in all these tools.

    2. James Joyner Says:

      Yep all around. Although something is wonky with Technorati this morning–it has reordered the links so that I have a bunch of them showing as “new” that are merely blogroll links that have existed for ages.

    3. Richard Tilley Says:

      extreme tracking is currently down and my TTLB list of those who have linked has been the same exact list for about 3 days. And I’ve noticed the TTLB ranking list is incomplete as well. so it goes

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