Saturday, January 31, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Where I’ve been in red, where I’d like to go in green:

create your own visited states map

Hat tip: Jay Solo’s Verbosity

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4 Responses to “Fun with Maps”

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    1. feste Says:

      Looks like you’ve driven the “southern route” from coast to coast. *G*

      My family were national park enthusiasts, summer vacations zig-zagged across the country in a blur of egg-salad sandwiches and roadside stands. So I’d been to all the contigous states by the time I was in long pants. For some reason I’ve never made it to Alaska…maybe in my dotage.

    2. Priorities & Frivolities Says:

      The Primaries
      The tireless Steven Taylor (who desperately needs to hitch a ride out of the South) gives me no reason to write about elections today. He may have forgotten to note, however, that Joe Trippi is a crybaby….

    3. The Bemusement Park Says:

      The states I’ve visited are in red: create your own visited states map I’ve been to three Canadian cities as well: Toronto, Winnipeg, and Coronach, SK. (Hat tip: PoliBlog)…

    4. Resonance Says:

      Map Fun
      A nifty web tool here allows you to shade states (or countries) on a map. You can mark the states you’ve visited, construct an electoral map, or whatever. For the record, I’ve visited 39 states (counting D.C.)–all but the following:…

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