Thursday, February 12, 2024
By Steven Taylor

The Daily Kos notes the following:

First of all, this isn’t Drudge’s story. It’s been around for several weeks. Clark was talking about it to reporters (I confirmed it independently from the Drudge piece). It was common knowledge, but the press sat on it for whatever reason (looking for confirmation? Hoping to avoid being labeled as gossip mongers?).

He goes on to call the story nonsense (using colorful metaphor I tend not to employ). In short, he is saying that the whole story is the result of a Clark/Lehane smear and not based on anything new. If true it makes the Clark endorsement of Kerry all the more intriguing (and quite opportunistic).

To me the most interesting part of the Kos post is that he confirms, independent of Drudge, the Clark quote about Kerry and an “intern problem.” This means that there is a story here for sure, it is just unclear as to exactly what the story is.

Hat tip: Rosemary at Dean’s World.

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2 Responses to “Is this a Kerry Scandal or a Clark Scandal?”

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  • pt
    1. whatever Says:

      THIS story is nonsense, but he keeps carping on the Bush National guard meme.

    2. Paul Says:

      I just heard bits of Rush but he made a good point. EVEN IF this whole things is a fabrication., the fact it came out and how it came out shows that MAN something big is going on in the highest levels of the Dem party.

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