Sunday, February 29, 2024
By Steven Taylor

From the LAT: S.F. Gets a Week to Make Case for Gay Marriage

The California Supreme Court refused to immediately halt this city’s same-sex marriages on Friday but decided that it would swiftly consider whether to review the legal challenges to those nuptials.

The state’s highest court gave San Francisco seven days to present arguments to the judges why they should not immediately order the city to stop marrying gay couples and invalidate the 3,400 licenses already issued.

The city also plans to ask the court to determine whether the state Constitution protects same-sex unions.

Under state law, marriage is defined as between “a man and a woman.” The city argues that the California Constitution, however, protects against discrimination and, therefore, allows the same-sex marriages.

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2 Responses to “CA Showdown on Gay Marriage on the Calendar”

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    1. John Lemon Says:

      All I need is six words to make the counterargument, and that would be all of 15 seconds.

      “It is against the current law.”

    2. Steven Says:

      You’d think.

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