Sunday, February 29, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Bush Orders Marines to Haiti to Help Restore Order.

It is an ugly situation, but our presence will curtail violence and we do have some responsibility here, since we did restore Artistide to power back in ’94.

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2 Responses to “Not Surprising”

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    1. RICH ARNONE Says:

      I heard several commentators on saturday make what I consider to be wild charges of racism and bigotry against President Bush because he was holding off sending in the Marines. Now that Aristide is going, Bush has acted. Could it be he didn’t want our troops prematurely going in and propping up another democratically elected dictator that the American Left endorses?

    2. Backcountry Conservative Says:

      Haiti Briefing
      This post will provide some background information on the country of Haiti, including some historical notes. Other bloggers’ reaction to events of the past 24-48 hours in Haiti are found at the bottom. This has been reported as the…

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