Sunday, February 29, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Iraqi Leaders Miss Deadline for an Interim Constitution.

I am not surprised by the missing of the deadline, nor is missing it all that big a deal in and of itself. However, I continue to be quite concerned that an overly artificial deadline for power transfer has been set, and that there has been insufficient planning for that process. The establishment of a stable and at least quasi-democratic government is essential, and I am not confident that the administration has adequately placed Iraq on that path.

Also, politically the power exchange could be the issue vis-a-vis Iraq in the presidential campaign. If it goes badly, Bush could be damaged to the point of defeat.

Further, no matter how well it goes (or how poorly) there is almst certainly going to be some drama, as the insurgents (whether they are remnants of the regime or al Qaeda types) will not want the exchange to go well. Hence, I expect July to be quite a violent month in Iraq.

And, indeed:

“Bremer is really pressing us,” said Mahmood Othman, another Governing Council member. “Everyone is hungry and sleepy. This is not the way write the law of a country.”

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2 Responses to “Troubling”

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    1. Brian Says:

      People should get a history lesson on how our Constitution was drafted. People walked out, there were many arguments, and it took a long time to get it done. And, all that without a world wide media all over them, hoping for failure.

    2. Warham Says:

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