Sunday, February 29, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Iraqis Said to OK Interim Constitution

Some interesting bit:

  • Qanbar said the draft charter will recognize Islam as “a source of legislation” rather than “the” source as some officials had sought and that no law will be passed that violates the tenets of the Muslim religion.
  • The draft charter accepts the principle of federalism but leaves it up to a future elected national assembly to decide the details of self-rule for the Kurdish minority. It allows the current Kurdish autonomy government to continue “under a united Iraq,” Qanbar said.
  • The document also sets aside for women 25 percent of the seats in the provisional legislature
  • “There was an agreement among all council members that Iraq will not be an Islamic state,” Qanbar said. “The language was put in a way not to offend the Islamic identity of most of the people but nor to offend the other side and give the impression that it’s an Islamic state.”
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    2 Responses to “Interim Constitution Improved in Iraq”

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    1. Guess Says:

      It is amazing what one comes across when she should be working on an annotated bibliography. Was thinking about making a smart remark, but you know I only think about doing those things… just like my desire to soap the Trojan.
      It I was to make the remark it would be “this explains why everything is done right at dead line”


      Iraqis Agree on Interim Constitution
      The Associated Press reports that Iraqis have reached agreement on an interim constitution. A spokesman explained how the two main sticking points were resolved: He said the draft charter will recognize Islam as “a source of legislation” — rather than

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