Monday, March 31, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Fareed Zakaria’s column in Newsweek is worth a read. His tone is a bit more critical than I would prefer, but the basics are on target.

And, I think this is essentially correct:

Many Iraqis will celebrate Saddam’s fall. Others will be angered by a foreign invasion. But most will be on guard to see what happens after the war. That is when America will vindicate itself, if it truly helps to build a new Iraq. After all, the Germans and the Japanese did not cheer in 1945 but they were grateful by 1955. America will win the Iraqis over not by what it does in the next five weeks but rather in the next five years.

Although I do think that ultimately there is going to be some serious jubilation when Saddam is utterly toppled. Still, the true liberalization of Iraq is going to take time, and I hope that we are adequately committed to that process. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is also the path that will lead to more security for the United States.

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