Monday, March 31, 2003
By Steven Taylor

It just occurred to me: what if instead of hearing every night about how the best case scenario did not occur (i.e., the cakewalk thesis didn’t play out), we heard about how the worst case scenario did not occur? I know that there has been some reference to the lack of an attack on Israel, the lack of a flood of refugees, etc. Still, it is most remarkable the degree to which many in the press seem most eager to talk about the administration having to rethink its plan (which, actually, I think is an incorrect characterization–I suspect the administration did plan for the failure of the cakewalk. Indeed, the ignorance of many in the press is staggering–they seem to actually think that the US military goes into a place with only one plan, and if that fails they start from scratch…), rather than talk about all that has gone right.

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