Tuesday, August 31, 2004
By Steven L. Taylor

The Governator Speaks:

  • Nice start–amusing and patriotic.
  • As my wife just noted: the Republicans do patriotic better than the Democrats do.
  • I wonder when the last time Nixon was mentioned from the podium at a Republican convention?
  • You have to love the optimism.
  • He is certainly quite enthusiastic.
  • The “If…then you are a Republican” but is quite clever.
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8 Responses to “Live Convention Blogging: Arnold”

  1. The Politicker Says:

    Blog-o-sphere Reacts… Day 2
    I’m browsing for others who have coverage of the RNC. If you want to be added to this list, send the permalink of your reaction to jordan.ledoux @ gmail . com. All opinions, including opposing views, are encouraged. The Blog-o-sphere…

  2. Priorities & Frivolities Says:

    Arnold Speaks for P&F
    I can’t write, with any objectivity, about the Governator’s convention speech. It just hit so closely to home, expressed so many of my own personal…

  3. DD Sez Says:

    RNC Day #2
    “Today, the world no longer fears the Soviet Union and it is because of the United States of America!”

    Governor Schwarzenegger is absolutely right! When the Americans boldly undertook the preemptive invasion of the Soviet Union in 1991… Um…

  4. RIGHT ON RED >> Says:

    Convention Reaction Roundup Day 2
    Tagorda (with roundup)
    Politicker (also with roundup)
    Slant Point (credentialed)
    Right Wing News
    American Realpolitik
    Martini Pundit
    Slings And Arrows
    In The Bullpen
    Dean’s World
    William Webb
    Banana Oil
    Rob Bern…

  5. Dave Schuler Says:

    They also do religious better.

    But the Democrats do diversity and “I feel your pain” better.

  6. Steven Taylor Says:

    All true.

  7. Tom Says:

    The Dems also do, “It depends on what the meaning of the word, ‘IS’ is,” MUCH better than the Reps.

  8. Tom Pollard Says:

    I haven’t heard anyone note the Nixon echo in Rudy’s “we need Bush ‘now more than ever’” statement. That was Nixon’s re-election campaign slogan in ’72. That election was the first one I was old enough to appreciate in any way and I probably still have at least one “Nixon, now more than ever” button in a box in the attic.

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