Thursday, September 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC): thinks that Kerry was “very tough” and she isn’t sure that the American people will respond well to it. She also thought that the reaction shots will damage Bush.

Ron Reagan (MSNBC): “I think we’ve got a race on out hands here” and “Kerry was the clear winner.”

The Newsweek Guy (I forget his name) wasn’t willing to say who won.

Bill Kristol (Fox) noted the whole “global test” business.

Ceco Connolly (Fox/WaPo) think that Bush studied up on Kerry and that Kerry displayed “a depth of knowledge” and that Bush “ran out of material.”

Mort Kondrake and Brit Hume think that Bush looked annoyed and tired. Connolly stated he looked “sour” at times.

Now the fox folks are discussing that Kerry looked bigger and Bush smaller in the split screen. My initial reaction is that they are grasping for something to talk about.

I agree with Bill Kristol that Kerry supporters will take heart from this debate.

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2 Responses to “Talking Heads”

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    1. John Lemon Says:

      This was not a good night.

    2. night heron Says:

      Kerry gose blather blabber yak yak yak chatter chatter chatter yammmer yammer yammer blaah blaah blaah his audiance just gose zzzzzzzz

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