Sunday, October 31, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the AP: Man Living in Cave on Los Alamos Lab Land

And here’s a shocker:

Ten marijuana plants were found outside the cave. Moore, 56, has been charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court documents. He pleaded not guilty and was released on bond.


Tucker said that as fire crews and lab security force members approached the cave after its discovery, they saw Moore and discovered “numerous” marijuana plants growing around the cave.

“From the campsite that I saw, he had been there quite a long time. … I was really impressed with his ability to set up a camp,” Tucker said.

Which, of course, makes me wonder out loud: if a guy can live in a cave for years near a major US research facility with high security and grow marijuana plants there, then how in the world can we think that we are going to eliminate coca leave, herin poppies and marijuana plants around the globe?

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4 Responses to “They Tend Not to Like that Sort of Thing”

  • el
  • pt
    1. The Old Coot Says:

      Or locate OBL in Pakistan?

    2. Frank Myers Says:

      Or find OBL wherever he is…

    3. yup Says:

      Downright strange…

    4. yup Says:

      “Smoke em out of their caves…”

      I don’t know much running they’ll be doing though.

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