Monday, November 29, 2004
By Steven L. Taylor

Via WaTi/UPI: Colombia now denies plot to kill Bush

A Colombian official has rescinded earlier reports a Marxist rebel group wanted to kill President George W. Bush during his stop in Colombia last week.

Following Bush’s one-day visit with President Alvaro Uribe in Colombia, the nation’s defense minister, Jorge Uribe (no relation to the president), said the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia had planned to assassinate the American leader.

But Colombian Interior and Justice Minister Sabas Pretelt said Monday there was no evidence supporting Uribe’s claim.

You hate it when Marxist guerrilla can’t make up their minds…

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One Response to “They Hates Me, They Hates Me Not…”

  1. Tig Says:

    Hmmm, what do ya think is the back story on this one? U-boy was throwin’ a little soire’ and hopin’ the US Military would swarm in ala Apocolypse now and provide a little midnight light show?

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