Wednesday, April 30, 2024
By Steven Taylor

PoliBlog has made it to “Crawly Amphibian” status at The Truth Laid Bear’s Blogosphere Ecosystem up from “Flippery Fish”.

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10 Responses to “Up the Long Ladder”

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    1. Janis Gore Says:

      Already benefiting from your status in The Axis of Weevil?

    2. PoliBlogger Says:

      So it would seem! :)

    3. Janis Gore Says:

      I have been reading your work. You are interesting. Do you consider yourself a specialist in Latin-American affairs?

    4. PoliBlogger Says:

      Thanks for reading–it always nice to know that one’s work is considered interesting.

      And yes, I am primarily a Latin Americanist, with case-specific expertise in Colombia, and topical expertise in parties, elections and democratization.

    5. Janis Gore Says:

      I haven’t read everything you’ve written, so you might have answered this before. Do your studies enable you to comment smartly on the situation in Iraq?

    6. PoliBlogger Says:

      I would argue, yes, although some might disagree :)

      Seriously, I am not an IR expert, per se, but am an expert on comparative politics, developing politics and the process of democratization (and by “expert” I mean formally trained).

      Overall, I would say that as a broadly trained political scientist who specializes, in the general sense, in international studies and politics, that I am qualified to make informed commentary on the Iraqi case.

      Now, I will concede that I am more expertly qualified to comment on Latin America.

      I am more qualified to comment on Iraq than a lot of people on TV who get paid to comment on Iraq–I will say that :)

    7. Janis Gore Says:

      I didn’t mean to insult you. I see and have read your editorials listed at the left, but, by necessity I am sure, they are very broad. I’ll be reading you.

    8. PoliBlogger Says:

      No insult taken at all–hopefully my response didn’t sound defensive. I was just trying to give a fair assessment.

    9. Janis Gore Says:

      No, you didn’t sound defensive at all. I just looked left and realized I’d asked a stupid question. The best defense is a good offense, you know?

    10. Anonymous Says:

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