Sunday, February 27, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Captain Ed reports that Syria captured Saddam’s half-brother, and turned him over to the Iraqis. Futher, he notes an AP story with the following info:

Iraqi officials said Sunday that Syrian authorities had captured Saddam Hussein’s half-brother and 29 other officials of the deposed dictator’s Baath Party in Syria and handed them over to Iraq in an apparent goodwill gesture. …

They added that al-Hassan was captured and handed over to Iraqi authorities along with 29 other members of Saddam’s collapsed Baath Party, whose Syrian branch has been in power in Damascus since 1963.

Ironically the bombing in Lebanon may have put Syria in this position, as the international pressure on Damascus has gotten pretty intense of late.

This news also bolsters the theory that at least part of the insurgency is being coordinated and funded via former regime elements in Syria.

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