Thursday, March 31, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Barry Ritzholz Ritholtz [Oops-Ed.] has an interesting post on gas prices that is worth a read.

Not only does he show why we should be glad that our cars don’t run on Pepto Bismal, but the fact that in real dollars, gass is not at record high prices.

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5 Responses to “Fill’er Up”

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    1. Kappiy Says:

      Of course this is old news–heck, Steven, I made the same point in the comments to one of your earlier posts:

      One very interesting aspect of fuel efficency is the fact that the Highway Trust Fund is funded by gas taxes actually is hurt when efficiency rises. Thus, if more people start driving hybrids, the trust fund will not get as much revenue that is, in turn, used for road maintenance and expansion. It is a serious problem.

      Much of this stems from a total lack of leadership when it comes to a cohesive national transportation policy. The last president to have a vision for transportation policy was Eisenhower!

    2. Barry Ritholtz Says:

      SP – Ritholtz

    3. Steven Taylor Says:


      Sorry about that–fixed.


      True–indeed, and I do remember the comment. In fact, none of this is news–I just I found Barry’s post especially interesting.

    4. Chris V Says:

      Just think what the cost of gas would be if your can ran printer ink….

    5. Kappiy Says:

      I appreciated the link! It’s great to see sober analysis of the issue.

      I always find it interesting how something like transportation–which has immediate impacts on peoples lives, which is so significantly affected by federal policy, and which people talk about constantly in various fora–doesn’t get any significant discussion by political leadership in both parties.

      The fact that the TEA-21 reauthorization has taken more than 1 1/2 years is absolutely unconscionable. I don’t think I have ever seen mention of the reauthorization problems on network or cable news.

      It is one of the most significant domestic policy issues (with obvious protents to foreign policy, as well) and it gets no discussion!

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