Thursday, March 31, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

I had to take Middle Son to the doctor this morning. Nothing serious (for the family readers in the audience), just a persistent cough (and since he slept in our room last because of the thunder-/hail-storm, I can attest that it is, in fact, a very persitent cough).

At any rate, my insurance number had changed, so that needed a new photocopy of my card; fine, no problem with that. However, then, because “there had been a change” they asked me to fill out an entirely new data sheet. I noted “but only the number has changed, everthing else is the same.” To which I was told: “yes, but if there is any change we need a new sheet.”

Now, there are two forces at work here:

1) I hate wasting time on stupid stuff. This, to my mind, qualified mightily as “stupid stuff” given that since they obviously use computers in the office, that a simply click-type-type-type-click-print sequence would have fixed the sheet (not to mention that print out would be easier to read than my handwriting). Isn’t this precisely the kind of things computers are perfect for? It is, after all, the early Twenty-First Century. Further, since they now have a new copy of my insurance card, why do they need me to write the frickity-frack number down on yet another sheet of paper?

2) I am in a grouchy mood (see the above noted thunder, hail and coughing).

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    1. Steven Taylor Says:

      Classic :)

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