Friday, April 29, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via ESPN: Mini-camp fire? T.O. passes on Eagles practice

All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens skipped the Philadelphia Eagles’ first mini-camp practice on Friday, presumably because he wants a new contract.

Methinks that Owens is now officially the most annoying pro athelete of perhaps all time–certainly of the last decade (not counting those convicted of felonies).

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7 Responses to “T.O. Skips Mini-camp”

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    1. bryan Says:

      Even more annoying than neon Deion?

    2. Steven Taylor Says:

      Yup. He is in the running, no doubt, but TO wins hands down in my mind.

    3. Mark Says:

      No one tops O.J.

    4. bryan Says:

      Wow. That’s saying something for him to top neon Deion. I think you’re just forgetting how annoying Deion was.

    5. Kappiy Says:

      He may not count as a “pro athlete,” but he is certainly someone who makes his living in athletics and remains quite annoying: Bobby Knight

    6. Steven Taylor Says:

      No, I recall–and yes, he was mighty annoying.

      However, I don’t recall him signing a bright shiny new contract and then holding out in addition to being a huge egomaniac.

      (and Mark, I would consider OJ in the felon category)

    7. bryan Says:

      Agreed. Of course, I also don’t recall Deion telling a team who traded for him to flip off, he wouldn’t play there (as, IIRC, T.O. did with Baltimore).

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