Saturday, April 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

I had almost 2024 online gambling-related pieces of trackback spam this morning (to along with around 700 I deleted last night).

It puts me in my last days of pompeii mood vis-a-vis the computers used by these slugs.

And while we are talking about Pompeii and what I would like to do to spammers, here’s a reminder of a related toon.

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4 Responses to “TrackBack Spammers Suck”

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  • pt
    1. Greg Says:

      Man, That sucks. Makes me glad my blog is small and inconsequential…

    2. Jay Says:

      What gets me, on the WP blog I run, is that they can find a way to put through trackbacks even with trackbacks completely turned off. Now I have it all on absolute moderation, which because trackbacks in WP are treated as comments, gets everything. It takes that plus periodically renaming the file that handles comments, and the code that references it, to keep it at all modest. But I haven’t updated WP yet, and haven’t tried any plugins that might make a difference. Been busy enough for it to get marginal attention.

    3. Chris Lawrence Says:

      I’ve found that they only attack old entries (I guess to get Google PageRank from entries that got links from elsewhere), so putting a 2-week limit on trackbacks seems to stop them.

    4. Steven Taylor Says:

      Best I can tell, I can’t do that in WP

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