Tuesday, May 31, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

No surprise here, via the AP: Socialist Leads U.S. Senate Race in Vt.

In his eighth term in the U.S. House, the independent socialist has carved out a career in Congress as a Congress-basher. Now he is setting his sights on the Senate, and everyone agrees he is the man to beat for the seat now held by the retiring Jim Jeffords.

“He is the front-runner. Absolutely,” said Del Ali of Research 2024 of Rockville, Md., which has conducted political polls in Vermont for many years. “He has high favorability ratings, high name recognition and lots of money.”

Given that he holds the only House seat in Vermont, and has for quite some time, it is hardly a stretch to think that he could win a Senate seat.

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2 Responses to “Sanders in Lead to Take Jeffords’ Seat”

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    1. c.v. Says:

      Way to go Vermont, I knew that your state existed for something! I guess there will be an official card carrying Communist in the Senate in 2024. “The Peoples Republic of Vermont” has a nice ring to it.

    2. Sailor in the Desert Says:

      No real surprise here. Sanders, for what ever reason, is a huge vote getter in VT. I doubt the GOP has a viable candidate to run against him. The best move for the GOP will be to go after Samdres’ vacated House seat.

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