Thursday, June 2, 2005
By Steven L. Taylor

Feddie at Southern Appeal reports that his sources say that Rehnquist will be retiring within four weeks (that sounds about right) and he has a prediction.

If you thought the Appeals Court fight was fun, meguesses you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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13 Responses to “Adios Rehnquist?”

  1. Jared Says:

    It is fun! But only because the Republicans are going to win.

  2. SoloD Says:

    Of course, Bush could go nominate a confirmable conservative instead of picking a fight. But nahhh, you know that isn’t going to happen.

  3. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

    My question becomes what would a “confirmable conservative” look like? And would such a person actually be a conservative?

  4. Buckland Says:

    I don’t think this will be a big fight. Sure some of the far left groups will make a big deal of it, and the Boxer wing of the Senate will go ballistic, but a strong conservative won’t change the makeup of the court when Rehnquist retires.

    But just wait until 2007 when O’Connor, Stephens, and/or Ginsburg retires…that’s when the real battle will be joined.

  5. Jared Says:

    SoloD, are you actually trying to argue that Bush is selecting those judicial nominees he feels are best for the nation in order to “pick a fight”? If anything, the Dems are the ones picking the fight through their use of these obstructionist tactics. Confirmable Conservative is anyone the Republicans want, because the day we allo wthe minority to govern is the day our country loses its character.

  6. SoloD Says:

    There are several confirmable conservative nominees, most of whihc are already on the various Court of Appeals. Someone like McConnell or Luttig would probably not face a filibuster. (There are many others that are in the same boat.) Of course, if Bush nominates somelike Estrada or Owens or Brown, that will be nothing more than a slap in the face, to both Democrats and many moderate Republicans.

    Democrats won’t go too carzy over a conservatie nominee given that this is Rhenquist’s seat. My guess remains that Bush would rather pick the fight than to be a “uniter, not a divider.”

  7. Jared Says:

    Plain and simple, the Dems are going to take issue with whomever Bush selects for Rehnquist’s seat on the bench. Watch and see as the moderate Dems who signed the compromise whip out their “extraordinary circumstances” exception, no matter whom Bush selects. Bush isn’t a moderate, and the people that elected him aren’t moderate. Why should we select moderate candidates to appease the moderates and the Dems when they’re worse for the country? I want a judge who will actually read the constitution from time to time, instead of placing his own political views in his opinions. If you can do that and be moderate or liberal or communist, I’ll support you. It’s just the only ones who seem to do that are the conservatives.

  8. KAHG Says:

    mr bush will pick the most conservative nominee possible,to invoke the “nuclear” option,but todays victory is tomorrows loss the american are tired of the power grab-in the fight between the sh– sandwich and the giant douche bag they forgot about the flies and smell.

  9. SoloD Says:


    I guarantee that most, if not all, judges believe that their rulings are four square within the Constitution, or at least the Supreme Court precident. Just because you don’t like the result doesn’t mean that isn’t true.

    I agree with you, Bush will nominate a controversial conservative, and by doing so will thrust upon the country a summer of divisive political arguments and fights. (And by the way, he may not win that fight either. He doesn’t exactly have the favorable ratings to scare too many people right now.) I would prefer that we not have that fight this summer, when there are many confirmabale conservative jurists out there. (And yes, some Democrats will hate whoever is nominated, but in the end a noncontroversal nominee would probably be confirmed with over 70 votes.)

  10. Jared Says:

    I’ve read opinions from Thurgood Marshall all the way up through Ruth Bader Ginsburg that discuss judicial policy-making; Marshall was outspoken in his desire to use his seat on the court to rectify the injustices he saw in the Jim Crow south; a noble cause to be sure, but one far better suited to a legislator. Our President has a responsibility to nominate those justices he feels are the best for the country, regardless of their “confirmability.” Unless you believe that by delaying we’ll somehow avoid the fight, I see this summer as the ideal time, before the 2006 elections.

  11. Scared Monkeys » Blog Archive » Rehnquist is out in a Month? Says:

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    on Thursday, Ju [...]

  12. Sarge Says:

    Stacking the courts with far right religous zelots?

    All those in favor, raise your hands and start speaking in tounges.

  13. Aaron Says:

    Perhaps Bush will pick someone like William G. Myers III, a lobbyist with zero experience as a judge. A man who was bought and paid for by mining in ranching concerns. Someone with real impartiality.

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