Monday, June 6, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

I am not 100% done, but the current facelift is largely deployed.


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14 Responses to “So, Whaddya Think?”

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    1. bryan Says:

      How very ‘colonial’ of you. ;-)

      I like the brown better than the blue, but the UT orange most of all.

    2. Steven L. Says:

      Like it — except for the blogroll. It is showing red on black — non eye-friendly.

    3. Steven L. Says:

      whoops – red on brown, not black. Mental freeze.

    4. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      Yeah, the blogroll isn’t to my liking. I will experiment with it tomorrow.

    5. Mark Says:

      I agree with Steven L. – but you can also tweak the appearance of your Google ads to make it more in tune with the site’s new colors.

    6. Matt Says:

      Not a huge fan of the UT Orange, but I love the new banner. The blogroll (which I use often for my own surfing) is a bit unreadable at this point.

    7. Jay Says:

      Very nice!!

    8. Scott Gosnell Says:

      Very cool. Love the banner.

    9. cagey Says:

      I love the Earth Tones. My old tired eyes are in Heaven. REd on Brown may not be the best . . .

    10. Am I A Pundit Now? Says:

      I think you have a winner here. It is a bit more ‘inviting’ than the old look somehow. And yeah that banner is pretty much perfect.

    11. Chris Lawrence Says:

      Very slick!

    12. Mark Says:

      Nice, Friendly new look. Warm tones and less cold with a hard to read black on brown on sides.

    13. Rob M Says:

      Looks great.

    14. Eaglet Says:

      The image of the founding fathers provides a tasteful reminder of how the founding documents need to be considered analyzing today’s political events.

      I like it.

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