Thursday, June 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the good graces of NZ Bear and his newly spiffed up Ecosystem, comes a new TTLB Community: The Academy. NZ set up the place at my request this morning (thanks for the quick work, NZ) and I have been inviting individual blogging academics to join up.

Now that the place is functioning, even though it is under construction, I wanted to make a public announcement concerning the place, which can be accessed here.

My goal: to aggregate as much as possible a sizeable and significant chunk of the Blogosphere, blogging professors. I hope to have profs from various fields and ideological/philosophical perspectives to provide 1) the chance for readers to find a variety of posts from bloggin’ profs aggregated in one place, and 2) to hopefully encourage and facilitate intelligent conversation amongst academics of all stripes.

The criteria for inclusion are simple: if you are a blogging professor, you are eligible. Discipline doesn’t matter, ideology is irrelevant. If you would like to be included, but have not yet received an invitation, just drop me a line.

As of right now, the following have accepted invitation to be included:



I have long considered putting together an academics-specific blogroll, but this is far better. I look forward to the development of a healthy community of academic bloggers.

I have sent numerous invites, and hope to be adding to the community throughout the day and in the weeks ahead.

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8 Responses to “A New TTLB Community”

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    1. Mark Says:

      This is a great idea. Small point I am a full professor.

    2. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:


      Not a small point at all! You need to get the web folks at UWA to fix the site! ;)

    3. Signifying Nothing Says:

      The Bear necessities

      Steven Taylor is organizing a new TTLB blogging community of professors, known as The Academy. Drop by Steven’s place and let him know if you meet the admissions requirements and are interested in joining the faculty club.

    4. bob Says:

      How is it that you are not a full professor by now? That Department was on its death bed before you got there and revived it. Maybe Dr. Joyner helped a bit, but that is beside the point.

    5. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      Very kind of you to say, but it is all a question of time. 5 years of service as an Assistance before one can apply for Associate and tenure. Five years as an Associate before one can apply for promotion to full Professor. I have four more years of time as Associate before I can apply for promotion.

    6. blogs for industry Says:

      The TTLB Academy

      Steven Taylor is organizing academic bloggers as aTTLB community

      I hope he follows this trackback to the Virtual University links I started to collect (disclaimer: it’s still quite incomplete), and finds it useful.

      Found via http://publicbrew...

    7. Expert Opinion Says:

      Welcome to The Academy

      I’m now part of The Academy, a new TTLB Community created at the request of Dr. Steven Taylor at PoliBlog. Basically, it’s an index of blogs…

    8. Michelle Says:

      Could someone post instructions on how to join The Academy (or submit site for inclusion)? Thanks a ton. md

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